a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, September 16, 2011

pre op


This blog has some different ways to make half square triangles, it looks really interesting and give hints as to the problems and the fixes.
This morning we had to go to the hospital for pre-op. There was a lot to do so it took over three hours. First  we saw the Stoma nurse and she showed us how to do the procedure and marked me as to placement. Now I have to practice as she also gave me a kit with practice materials in it. However I will have lots of help from the nurses in the hospital and the community nurses will be coming after I get home.
Then we saw another nurse who went over all my files because this is major surgery and I needed to know what was ahead.I also had to know what to do on the day preceding the surgery. It's a lot of information, hope I remember, but again there are notes.
Next we talked to the physiotherapist and lastly we had to go to have my blood taken .
Then the home nurse came to deliver my antibiotic.
After all that we went to the casino, I won $100  but Ray was not so fortunate.
I was going to do another ballerine today but didn't of course. I did get the stabilizer cut though. One thing at a time LOL
I tried to take a photo of a fence that I really liked , it was most interesting but for some strange reason the photo was just all white. I think I'll get Ray to park the car behind the bank and I'll walk up and get it.
I'm hungry so I have eaten two Damsen plums and four long cuts of cucumberwith salt and vinegar. Nice treat eh! So I had my good ,healthy food and now I want chocolate. None in the house.:((
A sculpture at the Burnaby library. It is a great building and has several of these perfect spheres on  blocks. The pole bisecting it was just an accident and the rain on the window was an act of God. :)
I took some photos of houses today ,some are on an angle LOL.
Slightly askew, but  a brown house. As if you couldn't see that LOL.
I think that this one is a dusky rose but the real true colours don't show up well on my camera. I need to take it back to London Drugs.
Thanks for listening !!!
Have a lovely evening.
Bon soir.

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BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for your upcoming surgery. Have someone keep us updated.