a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, September 9, 2011

cutting crew

A cutting crew of one, Kathy.
View from the front ,through this window Kathy is cutting my 3 meters of fabric. She is such a professional, she can handle anything.
See how long the fabric is I would have it all in a stew. But Kathy just got on with it and I now have a pile of 12" squares. Now that's a treasure because it is the first step in any project.
Have you ever reminisced about the little Red shcoolhouse. Many people do. The ubiquitous one room school house. I attended one of those one room schoolhouses in the prairies when I visited my Aunt on Alberta. It was just one room and had a pot bellied stove for heat in the winter . The boys had to go out into the cold and snow to chop wood for the stove.  The teacher boarded at one of the homes in the area, the one closest to the schoolhouse. She was very young, not much older than I was . It was too difficult to get anyone for the job, virtually no money and room and board so they said yes to whomever they could get to do the job. However there were all grades from Grade one to grade 8.  And she did try to accommodate them with the help of the older students.
With this bit of history in mind I decided to take some photos of
the small schoolhouse just up the road from us and yes it is RED.
This is the length of the school, it is a pretty site and in the spring the cherry trees make it a beautiful sight.
All children are welcome here just enter through the door. It is such a lovely little school and only covers grades K to 4.
Apparently we had a small earthquake today. Kathy came in asking if I had felt it and then Ray came in and asked the same thing, but I felt nothing. Well it could have happened but I am so wobbly
on my legs that I probably thought it was my legs shaking

Embellishments and bags.

Stack/Whack/Slash A funny kind of site but  could be interesting.

Thanks Kathy you are the best.!!!!!
That's it for tonight folks.
Have a great evening.
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