a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, January 11, 2015

opposites attract

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Opposites Attract  is the name of this block. I am sure this is just one of many names. Most quilt blocks have more than one name.

This is yesterday's blog. I forgot to finish it so now it is today's blog LOL.

As for today Ray and I went to the casino and neither of us won this time.  We have not been since November as we did not go in Calgary. The purpose of that visit was to spend time with Richard and the family which is what we did. 
Rick and his grandson Quinn. don't know who the foot belongs to though LOL.

We did a bit of grocery shopping this morning came home , put it all away and then went to the casino. That was our day.

I have discovered that I can get Netflix on my laptop and so can watch Midsomer Murders on it. I am so happy to have found that out. Now I can watch my show and Ray can have the TV which he does anyway.  I plan to do that when I am finished this blog.

This is a pretty little quilt , see the puppy likes it too. He has good taste. Variations of turquoise with white is the colour scheme. I like this one. But then I usually like the quilts I put up on the blog.

I spoke to Sam tonight and we have arranged to meet on Monday morning for a bit of lunch. I am sure looking forward to seeing him.
We did not get together at Christmas obviously.

Jim on the right with two of his friends. Jim is my #4 son. He sure looks good for a man in his mid fifties. He keeps himself fit.

this picture is adorable......


another family affair.....that is a lot of cubs.

Time to close, have a lovely evening.
                Good night.


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Jean said...

Now that was Sunday's blog , what happened to Friday and Saturday ?
Am I pushing the brain too much.
:) :)) Too much Netflix ? :)
I don't think you are yet out of the vacation mode.