a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, January 12, 2015


Download now as a pdf pattern

A neat quilt of squares see instructions below.

Check out the instructions to find out how and where to begin this quilt.

Today Matthew came over and took Ray to  Holy Family to see Dr. Weiss for his shoulder. He was supposed to go for a needle in it but because he has new pills that take care of the pain he did not need to go for the needle. Thank you Matthew for the help. We appreciate your caring.

I spent the day on my computer and tonight I plan to watch Midsomer Murders on my laptop too. 

The plans to sink an old navy ship have been scrapped as it  is claimed that the paint will be toxic to sea life.  I wonder what they will do with it now.

When I stay home all day and don't do anything there is not much to talk about.  Especially if I don't do much of anything during the day.  Kathy called on my facebook to see if I am going to guild on Wednesday. Ray thinks it is too much for me to go out for the evening as I get pretty tired. I hope I am more able next month. I want to get back into the swing of things. 
Pat called to see if I was ready yet to go to sewing day Tuesday. Same thing next month I plan to start going again. I need to up my social commitments and want to get back to things. 

I like this quilt, the green appeals to me.

I could not find a pattern though I did search for one but  It is up anyway as I like this quilt and am sure others will too. Maybe someone can figure out what the pattern/design is.

Sometimes I cannot take a picture off the internet, it is totally blocked. I have been trying to get one down for a while but to no avail. You probably would not even like it anyhow. It was a photo of a field of alligators,  quite interesting.  Still it would have been a good one to see. 

I am going to watch Midsomer Murders  on my laptop  now. 

So have a very good evening folks.

Good night.

Adam and Marley great grandchildren in Louisiana.

Great granddaughter Charlotte.

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