a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Busy days

My dear Richard is experiencing weakness in his arms from ALS. This will be progressive. It is a horrible disease and my heart is breaking when I hear of his suffering and loss of function. He is such a fine man and a loving one. I pray for him .Always.

The day here has been a quiet one though we did get out for a while to go to Costco. We bought some things and paid for our membership. It cost us $200. I am wary if going to Costco as we always spend too much I think. However we do purchase items that we can freeze and use at a later date. You have to buy in bulk so that ensures that we have things to freeze for another day. I did not buy a book this time as I have several books that need to be read. 

Tonight on TV The Book of Negroes is showing. I read the book several years ago and enjoyed it. I like to watch movies of the books I read. They don't always match too well but it is interesting to compare them.  However since it has been years since I read the book it is going to be difficult to put them together and too much mental energy.  I think there is going to be 6 episodes of the story.

Charlotte celebrating her 4th birthday with a cupcake. She sure looks happy. I'll call her tomorrow to wish her a happy birthday.

It has been cold the past few days but is warming up today.....This one made me laugh and my age makes for a good temperature.

Good news for quilters!

This will be a very stunning quilt it sure catches my eye.

That's  it for tonight folks. Have a great evening.

Good night.

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A Nudge said...

Praying for your Richard. Gorgeous quilt, cute grandaughter.