a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

home once again

Another day at home for me. Ray went out to the bakery but I stayed home. I had a long nap, it was lovely.

Rick has had no elevator service in his building as the elevator  went out of order.This is not the first time but it makes it hard for him since he is confined to a wheelchair with ALS. I hope they get it fixed. His friend Dion went and got him some groceries. Thank goodness for Dion.

Yesterday I did not feel like writing and today I have nothing to write.  Crazy isn't it.

We got an HD box from our TV company Shaw but did not know how to get it fixed for out TV.  But our son Matthew came over this morning and fixed it all for us. Thank you Matthew. It was lovely to see him and great for him to do the job for us.
 So watching TV just got better for the old folks LOL.

I hope Ray is interested in watching Midsomer Murders. It would be nice on the big screen. I have been watching it on my laptop. It has been good but it would /could be better on the big TV.

Well I guess I did have a bit to write about today.LOL

I had a nice long chat with Jim. It is always good when my boys reach out and we talk. 

And Richard called too , we also had a chat. Matthew was here so we talked too. What a wonderful day!!

My favourite shape hexagon. This is so cheery and pretty.

The village squares with four houses in a square.

Such a beautiful quilt , Bear Patch blocks in a variety of colours make for a gorgeous quilt.
 You can find the block on this site.  www.quilterscache.com  There are many more blocks there as well.

Seems that this is it for tonight folks.

Have a lovely evening.  
     Good night.



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