a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, January 26, 2015

Warm day here

Another beautiful day in Vancouver, warm and sunny. The 
temperature  is abnormally warm,  I guess we can attribute it to Global Warming. Not necessarily a good thing though. But we are enjoying the warm winter.

We had lunch with Bob and Buzz today. It was a lovely , friendly lunch .We visited and chatted for a while and enjoyed the visit. Then we had a good walk around the mall or around a part of the mall LOL.

Ray is on the phone right now talking to Lynn, his daughter, in northern Quebec.  He is asking her if she can come to Vancouver. I doubt that she can though as she and Daniel are both working.

We are getting too old now to drive across Canada any more. Ray would love to go to Halifax. I am persuading him that flying there would work and renting hotel accomodations also.
I would like to go there too . I lived there for two years and my youngest son Matthew was born in Halifax at the Halifax Infirmary.  I do have some fond memories of that part of the world.

Here is a cute poem but is surely describes my state of being these days.  I am very overwrought this past few days and wonder what is going on with me. I hope my usual peace of mind returns soon.

No youth of course but I still get up and go even if I have to use a walker.

I love these snowmen twins. Wouldn't they be fun to have at the door?

Do you have beautiful fabrics, of course you do. Just cut them into big squares and border them, then use appropriate sashing fabric and you have a gorgeous quilt.
Right now my gorgeous bed quilt is at the cleaners. it also needs a bit of mending when I get it back. Too much of me lying on the  cover I think has weakened the silk threads. So I need to fix it.

Now I am having a problem with the Sandisc Card. When I put it in the slot nothing comes up but in the camera everything comes up. It is very annoying.And my pictures stay in the camera.

So that is my day today. 
   Have a great evening folks.
                                               Good night.


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