a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


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Tried and True


This is an old favourite  block of mine , the Card Trick.  It still looks really good.

Many quilts today. This one is like the one on my bed, just the sashing is different. Mine has a triple sashing and nine patch corner blocks.  I love mine ,so much so that I actually had to mend a couple of the butterflies the other day.  Tomorrow I'll take a photo of the one on my bed and put it on this blog.

Here a lovely basket quilt with a four patch acting as the centre of the block.

Circles of the west. Just a joke of mine, my jokes are seldom very funny but I laugh!!

Someone loves dogs in spectacles.

Kind of like a Dresden Plate but far too busy. Still pretty though.

Many Pinwheels , many sizes, many colours, mucho attractive.

The cat likes Dear Jane blocks. Once a long time ago I belonged to a Dear Jane club and made a number of those blocks. However the club disbanded and I did not make any more blocks. I should make a few more and make a top.

Kitties on a pink row quilt, would look pretty on a little girl's bed.

So many quilts today and still not finished but they will have to stay in the file, maybe more tomorrow.

This is an unusual ,to us, wedding gown because of its rare colour. but it has lovely lace at the neck and at the hem of the gown.

Anyway that is all for tonight. Have a great evening.

Good night.                     

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