a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, January 5, 2015


Do you ever count the amount of time you spend waiting?
Today I spent the greater part of the day  waiting. Ray and I went to the hospital to see the doctor about his awful pain. We waited the over an hour. Doctors are the worst for making the patients wait. IMHO.
Next Ray had to go to the lab to get a blood sample that the doctor wanted. I thought I'd just wait in the car and  listen to the radio. Well that visit took even longer waiting. I sat in the car for 90 minutes. I sure am a patient woman.     
I wanted to go for my Caesar juice but Ray said we'll go tomorrow. Ah too bad. 
Pat called this morning to see if I wanted to go to Tuesday sewing tomorrow. It is a long morning so I begged off. Ray did not want me to go and truth be told neither did I. Next week I hope I feel more like it. 
A neat old Singer machine. Notice the hand crank. I always wonder how one could sew while cranking the machine with one hand and holding the fabric with the other. I need to hold my fabric with both hands to guide it through the machine. Maybe sewers in another age were more talented that I am. 

Jan called to say that it will be  then teacher's Pot Luck on Friday and I need to bring an appetizer. I always have trouble thinking of an appetizer. Any ideas?  LOL.

When we got home with the few groceries we bought I had the urge to cook. So I made chili for dinner tonight. Ray declared it good and I was happy. There is enough for dinner tomorrow too. 

Isn't this priceless? Love her hat and she is right it is nobody's business if a lady has a large stash. Haha

I think I mentioned in one blog being in a restaurant where all the tables were built on treadle machines. Here is one that showed up on my facebook page. The tables in the restaurant were rectangular rather than circular.

Isn't this a delightful settee for a couple to sit and chat.I appears to have a missing slat on the left side.

More furniture; 
Such an interesting design on the rattan chair seat. The intricate back is also beautiful. Furniture of old is often beautiful rather than just functional.

Another interesting "cooker" as they used to be called. Now a stove rather than a cooker and such a wonderful colour.  I love it.  See the thing sticking out on the left side, it is used to lift the lid of the stove. The tops there are warming ovens to keep the food warm. If dad got home late his dinner was kept warm in the warming oven .

So that is it for tonight folks.
Have a good evening.

Good night.

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