a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


The night of the crocodile.   That would make a great title for a film . Hah it sounds somewhat like The Night of the Iguana.   It won't work and then I don't even have a story.  But I do like alligators , at a distance. When I go to Louisiana I always want to go to the large park where there are many alligators. Once we saw a huge guy lying on a bank beneath a tree. He was lazy that day but if he got excited he could move very quickly. The average alligators were lured to the boat we were in by marshmallows and then eager to eat the chicken pieces we threw from the boat.  Some odd kind of fun but it was fun.

Now this little guy is showing great initiative and sewing something. I can't tell what but it is a great picture.

I just ate three cookies and drank a bottle of water. That was dessert LOL. 

Ray wants to go over to Surrey tomorrow to order Netflix for the TV. If there is a box to go with it we will have to get them to send over a technician to activate it. I did not need anything for Netflix on my laptop so maybe it wont be necessary. Ray just said that I get Netflix on my laptop through the internet but we don't have it on the TV.  We'll see when we get there.  He would like to watch Midsomer Murders too.

Today Ray had to go to two doctors. First in the morning to see Dr. Weiss about his pain. But no needles this time as the pills have done such a good job of relieving his pain.  Then we went to Dr. Van Wyk our family doctor . She gave me a prescription  to help with my shakiness. But the pharmacy did not have that prescription on hand. I need to go to another store tomorrow.

Nice looking boy this one.

I love this quilt, the penguins are lovely. And it is applique . I am having a hard time finding some applique to do for my Tuesday group. Maybe I can draw up some penguins or find some on the internet.

Lastly this spool quilt , looks like an easy task but not applique.

Time to go folks,  have a lovely evening.

Good night.

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