a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


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Blue Knight

Time is late so here we go late or not. 

I have had many photos of the little ones this week, they had a lovely Christmas at their grandpa's in Calgary. I am grateful to Richard for his hospitality and kindness over the holiday season.

I usually buy an appointment book every year, It has big boxes to write in and I have bought the same one for years. However this year I was away and forgot all about it. When I went to buy one today there were none left so I bought another kind. It is a nice appointment book.  I think I'll enjoy it as much as my old one. We are both having trouble walking in the mall and do not stay there for long. That sure cuts down on the buying LOL. My cracked hip is still hurting despite being healed and walking in the mall is not good for it. So I paid a price for that today.

Ray has not been feeling well with all that pain but he went to the doctor this morning and got some prednisone by prescription. Tonight he says he is not feeling much pain so it is working for him. I wonder about these strong drugs and hope the side effects for him are minimal . He deserves a rest from that pain.  He is not eating very much but I made him fried eggs and a slice of tomato and some bread. He ate that. I was happy .  Tomorrow I will try something else to entice him to eat.  He is looking more relaxed right now with the pain being gone and the food being eaten.  

I am reading a book by Ann Rule of several of her cases. So I spent a couple of hours reading this afternoon.  I like to lie down on the bed and read, it is so relaxing.

Now this is a great quilt, easy pattern just squares and sashes.  It uses up a lot of left behind cuts of fabric. No choices to make just pick up the pieces and join them together and cut squares of any number of fabrics.

I love these dogs, they are so proud and sure look like friends. So wonderful.

Little Quinn standing up in his Christmas outfit. He is so adorable.

And here he is lying down still laughing. What a sweetie he is.

It's a family affair, the little one is so adorable. Looks as if there are two years of babies here.

Time to close for the night.
            Good night folks.


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