a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, January 31, 2015


Another day at the grocery store and then off to the casino. We lost money in both places LOL but still had a good time.
We bought some cut flowers for the living room as they are so 
We bought some lovely cut flowers today. They are so pretty and brighten up a winter's day. It has been foggy here in the mornings recently but it brightens up in the afternoon, no rain though or snow.

I think I am getting or have a cold, something that I rarely get but my eyes are watering, the nose is runningr, I am coughing and sneezing. What would you say I have, yep a cold. Hopefully though it doesn't last too long. Most colds do not stay long with me so I hope this one is like that. 

We are watching the bombing of Pearl Harbour . I remember that day in 1941 When that bombing took place, I was just a kid and could not understand just what that meant . But my  mom said it meant the US entry into WW2. We hoped that the Americans would be able to help end the war since we had many relatives in Britain who came under fire from the Germans. And it certainly did help. My mom told me about the Scots taking to the hills for protection from the German bombings. It didn't help apparently as the Germans bombed the hills too. It was a terrible time for everybody.

I have very little to say tonight so I hope you will forgive me.

Jim called earlier to say hello and to see how we are. He was going down town in Edmonton where he lives.  He is a very active man a are all my sons. they like to sing Karaoke , all of them are good singers. It is interesting as I was a good singer too and in several choirs. Their dad had a good voice too.

I spoke briefly to Richard but he was at a friend's and they were all having a great time. That makes me very happy to hear him enjoying himself. 

These are cute dogs. My friend Helen made a quilt with these dogs, This is a simple pattern, make a rectangle add two triangles to the top for ears, a tongue, nose and the eyes. I like the use of the plaid fabrics for the dogs. Arrange the border pieces and there you have it. What a cute quilt for a little boy.

Now these are crooked dogs, but appealing.

Time is up folks.
Have a wonderful evening.
                       Good night.


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Jean said...

Nan, maybe not a cold but an allergy from the flowers you bought . Jean