a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, January 23, 2015

another one

Another day at the ostomy clinic and new things to do to take care of my stoma. It needs a few new steps in order to get better. SO we have to be careful.  Our visit took a while and that took care of the afternoon as we did not fell like doing anything else in the afternooon. The nurses there take good care of me, thanks ladies.

We stayed home in the morning. I like to watch TV int he morning, something new for me but I am finding the joy that people have for their favourite shows and characters. We watch Perry Mason in B/W , Quincy, and my favourite Rockford files. I like James Garner.  I watch these shows after I have red the paper in the morning. I need my News LOL.

No visits today . After all it is hard to visit when we are not home. haha. But we did get out and talk to people. I like talking to people other than Ray  though Ray and  I talk well to each other.
That is what makes my Tuesday sewing group special , the opportunity to talk to my friends. When Kathy and I go to Guild we talk too, it is good. Friends are very important in everybody's life.

Did you realize that Kelly Cuoco of Big Bang Theory makes one million dollars and episode. How hard can that be. I wonder how she manages LOL.

Patchwork  shoes are very attractive. They would make good house slippers but not I think very good in the rain.

Speaking of rain it has been pouring here for several days, heavy pounding rain the kind I love too hear thumping on the roof especially at night when I am in bed.

I call this picture just pins. It is an attractive picture. Th top doily looks like one my aunt made for mom and I like the rainbow one on the bottom. I would love to find that crochet thread.

Another truism haha. Just like little kids. Do you remember when there was no way you could be in the bathroom alone LOL.

And hearts make for a pretty quilt.

Time to go folks.   I hope you have a good evening.

Good night.


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