a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rolling rock

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I missed the blog last night.  Why? Because we went to a dinner and party. Ray and I are always invited to Albion's winter party. Ray worked there for 30 years and has been retired for ten years. Still we are always invited to the parties. It is fun seeing people that we know. The party  was at a major hotel the Hilton. The food was so great and there was lots of it. We can never eat from each dish but still enjoy the food we can eat. The dessert table was gorgeous so many beautiful cakes and sliced melons. There was a dance after dinner but i though there was no way to dance with my walker LOL. So we went home and I went to be right away. 
But they do have an open restaurant and I hope we go there again as the food is wonderful.

Rain today lots of it but we are like ducks , it never stops us or anyone else it seems.   We just had to go to the pharmacy in Safeway to get something straightened our for Ray. All went well.

We bought a few things for supper , buns and meat. The buns I buttered and added mustard. Then the meat , a slice of onion, lettuce and it was done. Delicious. I had two of these babies.

Babies here we go.

Will he get this kitty I doubt it.

Out I say OUT. and stay out.  Another way to leave the house. It must be for a big dog.

And a classic photo of a child eating an apple.

Sleepy time under cover.

Done folks!

Have a lovely evening folks.

Good night.

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