a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, January 8, 2015

education for women and girls

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I just read a very interesting article on education for women in earlier times. How they were considered to have little in the way of brains and received only education in the housewifely arts. I hope they were taught to read. I cannot even think of not being able to entertain myself by reading a book.
Lady Caroline Lamb

I just got waylaid by biographies of Lady Caroline Lamb, Lord Byron and Anne Boleyn. I have read many pieces of Anne Boleyn and find her so interesting. That period of history with Henry VIII and his six wives is one of great interest to me and has been for s great part of my life.  Anne Boleyn is a fascinating study  of a tragic life. She  gave birth to Elizabeth the 1st and ushered in the Great Elizabethan Age.

Back to the life of Nan and Ray. We did get out today even if it was just to Safeway for bread and juice.

We did some housework , Ray did most of it. He has some new pills from the doctor for his arthritis and they are magical. He is able to do whatever he wants.  

The day is very foggy and so it is tonight as well. Ray just looked out the window and said the fog was right down to the ground. I do not like fog, it leaves you feeling dirty and damp. I remember walking home from school when I was young and how awful that for made me feel.  

This is what it looks like outside, gloomy isn't it.

Another view of a foggy day.  

This makes me laugh ,remember those photo booths where you and your best friend had your photos taken. These dogs did just that. I love the dog top right with his tongue out. How cheeky. LOL.

Wow this is wonderful. I call the pattern Spider Web. Gorgeous colours.

Love this rooster.

Here we are another family affair.

Good night folks.

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