a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Download now as a pdf pattern

Comet is the name of this block.  Pinwheel in the middle and triangles around. Have fun with it. And here I thought Comet was a bathtub cleaner LOL.

I did something sewing related today, cleaned off my sewing machine table, made some order out of my fabrics on it and put the scissors all together. I found some blocks that belong to the Guild. Next month when I go to Guild with Kathie I'll take them. Maybe I should fix them up, sew the blocks together to make the block.
I also did some laundry and washed up some things in the kitchen while Ray was out at the dentist. He had a tooth ache in his wisdom tooth. He still has them, unbelievable isn't it. The dentist just gave him some pills to take care of the pain. He says it has helped to reduce the pain but not eliminated it. Poor Ray.

Our great granddaughter Rose  making pizza. I have never made a pizza, maybe I should. I am sure there are recipes on line. Or I could ask Rose. LOL.

This is sweet. I need to figure out how to transfer it to cloth so I can embroider it. 

Bright colours on this lovely quilt. See how the ends of the quilt are large rectangles. I like it.

Such a great heart quilt. I found that the squares are 2.5 inches . When sewn the round out at 2 inches and that would make the block 14 inches wide. Find all your red fabrics and cut them into 2.5 strips to make your squares. Then cut off the pieces at 2.5 inches . There you have 2.5 inch squares. Just arrange them as  you see these in the quilt.

This is just so much fun, I love it.  I wonder what it tastes like.

It is time for me to go. I hope you all had a good day.

Good night ,have a great evening.


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