a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

another star

Arizona Star    Download now as a pdf pattern

A very nice block this Arizona Star. I hope my friend Gail gets to see this one. However, I am sure she already knows of it. She is sick now but before she got sick she was a prolific quilter and embroiderer. 

It rained today, not that it bothers me as you know. It has been a long time since it rained here, well it seems like a long time. We stayed in all day, Ray is in a lot of pain and doesn't want to move much. I did a bit of laundry and made dinner, spaghetti and sauce. The sauce was in the freezer and was made by Ray. He makes a lot of sauce when he is cooking it and then puts it in containers for future meals. He makes the best sauce ever. Other than that we did very little. 

I need to start working on my quilt, at least pin the rows together. I seem to have lost interest. Many people hall into that trap as I read on Facebook and I wonder why. Any ideas?  I wish I had greater ambition but these days I have none. It is awful. I used to be better than this. Tonight I pin !!!!

So beautiful.... Geraniums both red and white blooming in Arizona at the front door of Gail and David's home. We have them here too but later in the year when it gets warmer. The red is so bright and cheerful, it is my favourite but we also get them in lovely pink.

Another old chair, The chairs of yesteryear  are beautiful and ornate and I like them up on my blog. They are very interesting and a sign of the past.

I love this picture of a locomotive.
David F. Riker

Santa Fe 3751 on the Santa Fe's old Parker district on the 15th of May last year, between Vicksburg and Salome, Az., running up grade near the summit of that district.

David is my friend and Gail's husband.  He spent his whole 

career with the railroad and has some wonderful photos of 


Again I am having trouble with this . there it is okay now. 

Richard and Katherine are in South Dakota now. I hope they

get to see Mount Rushmore and I hope it is in SD.LOL.

Gone for the evening folks.

Have a great one.

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