a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, March 12, 2015

on the road

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On the Road, this one is for Richard as he is on the road with Katherine.

I should make this one but am not really into sewing these days. I sure hope it all comes back.  I need to sew those hearts into a top. They are all sewn into rows and there they sit.  My excuse is, oh heck there is no excuse. I was going to say I am undecided about whether to sew a strip between each row or not. I think I will though.

Ray and I did go out today, we had a sandwich at Subway which is in our little local mall. It was very good. I wonder why we don't go there more often.  

I love this new autocorrect that is on my laptop. It corrects my 
mistakes which are many seeing that I am not a typist. 
Now here's a snazzy looking machine.

Charlotte with her unicorn who has been renamed Gandalf. I don't know who Gandolf  is but Charlotte does. He is only Gandolf when he wears Lewis' Eyeglasses. Oh boy what an imagination. Meaghan encourages this in Charlotte. Good job Meg!   Charlotte looks so pretty in this picture but then she is pretty ;)

My dear friend Gail in better days when she was able to quilt in such a lovely outdoor setting. She is very ill now with Parkinson's .I pray that she recovers some of her health. She was such a dynamo quilter and a wonderful friend. David her husband is also a great friend and keeps me posted on her condition. In our earlier days there were three of us friends Gail, Lindsay and me. I wish we had some of those days back again but there is no going back is there?  I often wish for more days.

I got a call today from my BIL's son. His wife, Ray's sister, passed away a while ago, her passing  has been hard on him. Lawrence is worried about his dad not getting on too well and he thinks it is because his mom is gone and Leo is having trouble adjusting to her loss. It is so hard for people who are in long term marriages when one of the couple is gone. I often think about that for Ray and me , in either case.

I found this on Facebook what a miraculous piece of work, a masterpiece.

One never knows who is going to be  your best friend. Take love where you find it.

And finally this bit of puppy wisdom.
Call your dog by his given name LOL.

Time to go folks. Have a great evening.

Good night.

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