a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

not over yet

I am still sick with this very sore throat and headache. I spent a part of the day in bed and was not able to go out at all today. 
So another short blog.

I just read a short biography of Beethoven a composer that I have admired.  He died march 26th 1827 leaving behind a great legacy of music.   

Hexagons on black.

                          Even if it's the cat. Try and move this guy.

Here a bunch of hounds. Interesting faces. Look closely, they are funny guys.

And here is a beautiful little girl who got hold of a pair of scissors and chopped off her hair thus requiring a trip to the hairdresser to fix it. She looks lovely doesn't she.

That's it folks I am feeling rotten.

Good evening.


A Nudge said...

Hope you are better soon, Nan. Prayers being said. Those are lovely hexies!

nanboudreau said...

Still sick Angie. Thanks for asking.