a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

memory loss

Hmm . Almost forgot this blog tonight. I am getting old when I forget things that are important to me. Oh well, I finally remembered that I hadn't written it and in the middle of NCIS New Orleans. I like this show because of the location. We look to check if there are any places that we have been. I love going to New Orleans, it is unique. 
Adam and Lisa tell me they go to New Orleans several times a year. That is so nice. 

Yesterday we went to the doctor . She told me I have psoriasis on my scalp and wrote me some prescriptions for it. I hope they do the trick. It is uncomfortable and unsightly.

We continue to have gorgeous weather, beautiful, sunny, spring weather. It sure raises your spirits. I have always loved the Spring and this one is no exception. 

Pat and I went to our sewing group this morning after we had our coffee and chat at Oakridge. I finally completed the last of my hearts and am now able to put the last row of my quilt together, Then I can sew all the rows together for the top. I may need to purchase some fabric for the borders unless I can come up with something inventive and creative.  Now I will need to come up with something else to applique on Tuesdays.

Sweet Candy Ring makes a great block. I see it as the cover for a cushion. It would be a really cheerful piece for the sofa.

Signs of Spring and baby mule and daffodils. How cute.

This little guy is even cuter with his little ducky shoes. It is a face you can love.

And here is a beautiful red, white and black quilt with a shadow piece behind the blocks.

That's all for tonight folks.
   Have a lovely evening.

Good night!


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Jean said...

Hi Nan, Ray was suffering on Feb 27th and you said you were both going to the Dr's on Monday.Well you said the Dr told you about your scalp problem and gave you a script for it .. You didn't mention if Dr. did anything to help Ray... ???? Jean