a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Thanks for your kind thoughts Angie. Some nights I am just not up for writing.

Richard is on the road for as long as the elevator in his building is not working. They say 3 months to get it going again. So it will be a long trip. Katherine is with him so he has company on the road. I am grateful for that.

Download now as a pdf pattern

                        Wheel of Fortune is the name of this lovely block.  

We had such a lazy day, just slept and ate and watched TV. Well I did the laundry and Ray rested. He needs the rest as he is still hurting a lot, but if he rests the pain goes away. So today he rested and had a bit of relief.  

I was going to clean up my sewing area but did not  get around to it, maybe tomorrow LOL. We'll see what happens. I do want to sew so must get that job done.  Maybe I'll pin the heart rows together tonight. After dinner of course. I am having perogies for dinner but Ray can't eat the potatoes so I'll have to make him bacon and eggs. It seems to be working out the I have to make two meals many nights as Ray cannot eat so many things.  Some would say well make what he can eat but that makes my own meals so limited so I make dinner twice. I try to make something simple.  

This is such a beauty.
I saw this cube quilt or one like it many years ago and I was very impressed with it then. Still am.

What an amazing quilt this is a Wedding quilt. I wonder who designed it let alone pieced and quilted it. Amazing.

This quilt is a wool quilt so it was said. I am not sure of that by the looks of it but then I am not the expert.

I am ready to go to bed now so will say good night until tomorrow.

Good night.

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Pat said...

Just wondering if the 'swapped blue and white' block was intentional or accidental -L center diagonal block- either way, it's a very beautiful quilt and 1000s times better than I could ever do. Pat