a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, March 23, 2015

sore eyes again

My eyes are very sore again especially the right one. I saw the eye doctor today and he gave me drops to put in my eyes 4 times a day. And things are quite blurry so I won't write a very long blog.
Ray also had his eyes checked and his one eye is getting better. His better, mine worse. I have to go back next week for another examination to see if the treatment has worked for me. We had to wait a long time in the eye doctor's office. The waiting room was packed. the doctor said he had done two surgeries in the morning and all the other doctors in the office were on holiday. that is why it was so busy. I hope next week it might be better.

We went for hair cuts this morning and waited a bit there. A good part of our day was spent waiting LOL.

Then we just came home and relaxed.  That was our day folks.

This is good for a laugh and my gosh this dog is big!!

So that is all folks , hope things are better tomorrow.

Good night.


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