a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, March 2, 2015

good stuff






Richard added these sites , info on ALS. Interesting reading if

you are interested.

Download now as a pdf pattern

Road to Ohio. 

Richard says his arms are now showing signs of weakness and it is getting very hard to lift himself up onto his bed and onto his truck. This will be extremely hard for him. I wish we lived in the same city and province. The time is coming when he will need help. The ALS society in Alberta is good but how good I do not know.

tonight we went to The Keg with Adam and Lisa. It was a great evening , the food was good and the company better.  I had Lobster Bisque for starters, then Prime Rib for the entree. Prime Rib, and twice bakes potato, first time for that item. I wasn't greatly impressed with it but the Prime Rib was wonderful. The bread and butter I loved as was the coffee after. All in all a fabulous meal. Thank you so much Adam and Lisa for inviting Ray and me to dinner.  The conversation was brisk and in some cases enlightening. Adam is a very good historian and I always learn something new about Royalty. For instance Edward the 8th never was entertained by a woman who was not married. All his lady friends had husbands. Hmmm.  I remember my mother saying how she felt about him and it was not good. She rebuked him for his playing around with married women not that I had any idea at the time of why that disturbed her.
There were other topics of conversation, of course.

These two friends belong to my niece Karin. I think this is so cute both of them looking out the window. I forget their names but think the dog is Ruby . As for poor kitty I have forgotten her name. But I get a huge kick out of the closeness these two share.

Isn't this one a beauty. A lovely panel surrounded by various boxes of various sizes.

Another beauty, a work of nature. I know the moose is not pretty but in my mind he is wonderful and beautiful. This moose was photographed in Alaska by my friend Denise.

Oh how I would love a slice of that, doesn't it look delicious?

Time is up folks.

Have a great evening.
Good night.


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Karin said...

Hi AN,
Yes, this dog is Ruby and this cat is Pedro (a boy). My female cat is Pablo... and of course Freddie is a girl too!!