a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, March 16, 2015

Saving things

My great granddaughter in the dress I made for her mom Mary when Mary was as young as Rose.  It still looks good, thanks to Carla, Mary's mom for saving it. The swirl looks great. Rose must like it as she is sticking her tongue out LOL. Cute!!

This is so sweet, Grandma in bare feet quilting away , the kettle boiling on the potbellied stove, Grandpa rocking away and smiling at  grandma.  And don't forget the dog acting as a footstool for Grandma. Bliss!!

We established our own bliss today, just taking it easy after going to London Drugs for water which was in sale. I refrained from buying a book as I am getting back logged with books to read. 
Then we headed down to Safeway where we get our prescriptions filled, we had one to take in today.  Then we just sat around at home having a nice day. I did my e mail and Ray watched TV.

And this piece is a table runner. It looks to me that the pieces have been cut with wedge ruler. It is most interesting in concept and in the way it is put together.

Isn't this great? How the owl looks as coffee!! It amuses me a lot.

All these are paper pieced that's why they are so perfect looking.

Pretty pink octogon . I wonder if it is hard to make. More paper piecing I think.

This is my friend Gail and today is her birthday. I hope you had a very happy birthday dear Gail. Our best wishes for increased health and happiness throughout the coming year. And our love for you and David forever.

That is it folks.

Have a great evening.
Good night.

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