a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It's time to begin

7:11 and it is time to write my blog. 
Today : it was another beautiful  day here in Vancouver, it was sunny and warm , but rain is on the menu for tomorrow. It has been a while since it rained so that's okay.  
We went to the accountant this morning to get our taxes done as the T4s arrived yesterday. I did not go to sewing because I was afraid I would get sick again and without Ray there and our own car I did not want to go in Pat's car. However I was fine today, thank goodness. Anyway she the accountant did the taxes and we are getting some money back. We always pay too much tax during the year so we get some back each year.

Then we went for a bite of lunch at Cockney Kings, fish and chips, but without the chips.  Potatoes are a huge no no for Ray as they have too much potassium and he has to be extremely cautious not to eat things with potassium in any amount.  It is very hard to find food without potassium, actually all food has it but it is in trace amounts in many foods. However potatoes are not one of the foods that are skimpy on potassium, so he cannot eat them. We each had two pieces of fish and a cole slaw. Neither of us had chips. I didn't order any because it is so tempting to Ray when they are on the table. But I don't really need them either.

Then we went to London Drugs for a few items. We didn't stop in at Tim's though since we had coffee at Cockney Kings. We only have a couple of cups a day.

Isn't this one a beauty? I love the fabrics used in this block/quilt, they give so much movement to this piece. I also really like the range of colours from the same fabric line that have been used for this block.

And my absolute favourite shape the hexagon that makes up this quilt. It is so beautiful to me that it almost makes me cry. I have a bagful of them that I have made, just the hexagons, nothing more. You could call me an addict LOL.

Look at the bag you can make with 5 inch charm squares. It has a cute name, Chubby Charmer.

Time to watch NCIS New Orleans so good night, sleep tight don't let the bedbugs bite. 

Until tomorrow ....

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