a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Will it get better

Another day of being sick, having diarrhea. This is such a pain. I had to miss my sewing group today and my coffee chat with Pat. I hate to miss my Tuesday fun. Hopefully, I can regain my health soon. And then I could go next Tuesday.
So I had to remain home today. I slept several hours this afternoon and feel somewhat refreshed if not cured.

And in the course of the day I did very little. I knit a bit. I make these knitted cloths of cotton yarn for the kitchen dishes. I have about 9 in the pile. Ray gives them away to guests. LOL and we use them ourselves.

My dear friend Gail made this clock for her sewing room. She made one for me too and I see it giving the time first thing in the morning.  She is a clever lady though at the moment she is very ill.
My prayers are with her.

Such a cute photo of little Quinn. He is all dressed up, maybe for Christmas?  That is his dad Albert holding him up.

My niece, Marg's daughter in Tofino where it always rains.

Isn't this amazing quilting, what I wouldn't give to be able to quilt like that.  
If I had started this quilting at a much younger age maybe I would be able to do it. However that aint goin' to happen.

It is getting time to go folks.
Have a lovely evening.

Good night.

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