a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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Ray and I went to the Ostomy clinic today. Andrea said all was well, so I was happy.

Then we trooped off to Cockney Kings for fish and chips. Another wonderful feast which we could not finish eating. We brought the leftovers home for dinner, but I was still full from lunch and so was Ray. The portions are way too big for us. But we enjoyed what we did eat. I love fish and chips with salt and malt vinegar .   

Then we had to go to Safeway to pick up some prescriptions and that should be it for a while.

Back at home we just relaxed , watched TV and checked out the laptop.

Tonight I need to do a bit of sewing. When I say sewing it doesn't necessarily mean at the sewing machine but could be pinning , washing and pressing fabric and cutting. So it will be cutting first.

This gorgeous quilt was made by a Russian quilter. It is amazing and beautiful as well. It is the colour placement that calls to you as it is all small squares. Beautiful.

Richard and Katherine are in San Antonio. It is such a nice city and full of history. Ray, Jim and I were there several years ago.We ate at a restaurant along the San Antonio river walk at a place called Boudro's . Sounds just like Boudreau's so of course we had to eat there.

And that is it for tonight folks.

Have a great evening.

Good night.

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