a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, March 6, 2015


This is a mini paper pieced quilt topper just thinking how to finish. Measures 5 1/2" square. Individual blocks are 2 1/2" each.

Delightful little piece isn't it?

Our day was a bit less exciting. Today is Adam's  birthday. Happy birthday Adam.Your special day brings back fond memories for me. He and Lisa are spending the weekend in Sechelt.

Ray and I went to Safeway this afternoon. When we got home Ray discovered that he had forgotten my walker in the parking lot. We rushed back and it was not in the lot so Ray went into the store and asked them if anyone had turned it in. And some honest person had done just that.  What a relief as the walker cost us $500 .  We were lucky on that score.

Richard no longer has a working elevator, he and Katherine will be leaving on their road trip Sunday. I hope all goes well and Rick stay okay for the trip.

Yes I would run or play dead. One time when Ray and I were driving to Quebec we saw a bear standing up in a classic pose. Across the whole country we rarely see any bears. We have made numerous trips across the country and this guy was the only bear we saw. They hide in the bush.

LOLOL. This makes me laugh. Once I waved to the queen as her car drove by on Granville on the way to the airport. She graciously waved back. She made my day.

Now I think this is all folks.

Have a great evening.

Good night.


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Jean said...

Wow ! $500 is a lot for your walker, I know you have a seat and brakes. Medicare does help pay for medical equipment here in the states.. Doesn't your health care system help with medical equipment? Jean