a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, January 30, 2014



These look like little  baskets without handles. The 30s fabrics carry this pattern off well.

And here we have a pattern that says Do It Yourself, make your own designs / blocks.  Start with graph paper and go from there. Click  on the block, see if it works.
I will be going out tonight with Kathy to Tom's for Cake therapy. I have never been to this event and am looking forward to it. So my blog won't get finished until later tonight.

Today so far we went ot a clinic that one of Ray's many doctors said did not require an appointment. NOT. He got an appointment for March. Don't believe what the doctor tells you. LOL.
We had lunch out then went to FORD to make an appointment to get the brakes looked at. 
We had to go for bread and then finall came home. I want to add a design to my stick but it is not working right. The embroidery teacher took my sticks , 2 of them, lost one and cleared the other off completely. Don't trust the experts.
Doctors and experts have left us in a bind.  I  think I'll have to make an appointment with Tom to fix it up again. 

Moda Bake Shop calls them car seat quilts

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