a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, January 27, 2014

more bits


More hearts.

Download now as a pdf pattern

Amish Squares is the Block of the Day. Looks good and looks easy.

We had a good beginning to our day. We met with Sam at 10:30 for breakfast at ABC restaurant. It is always a good time when we visit Sam.  He is going to Kelowna for three weeks to help with the store up there. It should improve when Sam shows up. I have great faith in him. We talked as usual about the family and his other grandpa who passed away not too long ago.  We talked about his Uncle Richard, my son who has ALS and the cousins. 
Total family , it was a lot of fun.  Sam is so good-natured.

Sam and me.

Then we went to the bakery for some fresh bread. I sat in the car. Ray saw Marg up there and she said when was coming over later in the day as Ray told her I planned to lay down for a while.
She did come over around 3:00 and we visited for a while. She brought me a couple of books to read. I offered her the ones I had just finished but she had read them already so  I am taking them to my sewing group tomorrow or maybe I will just give them to Pat when she picks me up tomorrow morning for sewing.

After Marg left we had sardine and onion sandwiches on the fresh bread we had bought. It was delicious. Although I think in retrospect tomato soup would have been excellent. Another time...

What a beautiful quilt . It is just half square triangles. Choose your own colour palette. This one is lovely in these warm colours.


quilt . My friend Mary A. has done a number of Hawaiian pieces. Her work is gorgeous. 
And this piece is gorgeous too. I think it may be very difficult to do. But obviously someone is able to do it.

There it is folks finished for another night.

Good night.

Hang it up for the night folks. Haha, couldn't resist this.

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