a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

baby lap quilt

 Bits and pieces haha very appropriate isn't it?


We all have babies in out lives sometimes, this is a useful little quilt for them. And it should not take long to make in any pattern and any colour.

Tips for better sewing.

Isn't this a lovely wall hanging.

And here is what looks to me like a fairly simple one to make, just squares and more squares.

Today was my sewing day with the group of ladies at the church. It was a lovely get together and so many quilters came and filled all the chairs. It was so nice to see that many friends all in one room. 
They were working on many pieces . Betty Lu was at the binding stage of her beautiful original quilt. We all suggested that she enter it in the next Houston show. 
Here it is.
That is Betty Lu on the right. Beautiful flowers , fabulous windows and gorgeous trees.

Liz was doing hand embroidery on a table cloth, She does beautiful embroidery.
Wendy is working an a gorgeous bird quilt. 
A lot of lovely applique was being done. That is all we can do there as we do not take any sewing machines to the church.

I was so tired, it made no real sense for me to go today but I hate to miss a Tuesday. Pat picked me up once again and we went to Oakridge for a coffee before we carried on. 

Still it was fun despite the weariness. I did not get very much done, my hands rested LOL. As did my brain and energy level.Not enough sleep, I woke up at 4:00 and did not really get back to sleep well.
However when I got back home I had good nap and that made me feel a lot better.

I did manage to do a bit of applique on one of my pieces though.

Ray made pea soup for dinner, it was good. He is a great cook.  I ate some at lunch time and also had it for dinner. Now I am a bit green  haha.

Maple leaf  quilt in a four patch style is always a very attractive quilt with many fall colours.

A bit of grammar....
The English language does not follow any real rules.  LOL.

Isn't this one great? It appears to be a homespun quilt LOL.

And he says" put this little dog on your page to show that you are against cruelty to animals."

And that is it for tonight.
Have a great evening.

Good night.

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Jean said...

Hi Nan, I just finished reading a week's worth of the blog. Was in Puerto Rico for a week with hubby.
It was very hard to go from the 80's F back to 10-15 degrees F and snow on the ground here in Delaware.. Read, Ray took Gus for his surgery and was suppose to pick him up next day. You guys went for your haircuts and had the day mixed up so went to IHOP and Casino.. What happen to poor Gus? Is he still waiting to get picked up? LOL Also the Clydesdale horses are beautiful at SEA WORLD there in Florida. Jean