a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, January 26, 2014


This little sewing buddy is "owl you need"! Download the free pattern here:http://bit.ly/KHTYQy

Cute little caddy for your bits and pieces.

Instructions on how to face a quilt instead of binding it.

a newly found bom has been added to our links

First block of the month is up for this series.

if you don’t have quilting software, this site can sparkle some layout inspirations

Duck Dynasty Dog , note the wonderful leggings. He is something amazing.

Sunday today and we sat at home for the day. Well I sat for most of the day and Ray worked on cleaning up the apartment.  I did get up periodically. LOL.
We watched the Variety Show of Hearts for the kids,  $6. 6 million was the final total, it is a good show  and the kids are so adorable. Ray and I also contributed to the greater good.  We do this every year .  It is a special group and does so much good to the hospital for the kids.  We contribute to the Alberta ALS society  for what they do to help Richard. 
After the show was over I had my dinner of potato salad, broccoli cole slaw, ham and dills. Ray had tomato soup but at lunch he had a great sandwich of  corned beef. So did I and that was the menu for the day. 

So cute,this little guy is very busy chewing up his little horse.

My favourite  colour of cat,  Ginger.  This one is beautiful on the lovely quilt.What a gorgeous face.

So true!]

Another so true.

Lots of pictures tonight, the pickin's were good today.

Wow what do you think of this one , I think it is a ton of work. All those hexagons, I couldn't resist showing it.

The American Goldfinch , beautiful and yellow. Another form of life other than dogs and cats.

Sara the penguin made from Minky  in front.   Cute isn't she.

That is it for today.  I am going to settle down for the evening.

Have a great evening folks.

Good night.

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