a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, November 29, 2013

I was busy today

It is almost 7:30 and I have just stopped working. We went out today without thinking that it was Black Friday. There were many sales on but not too many people. So it wasn't crowded. 
I wanted to go to Black Bond Books to pick up my yearly diary. They always have the one I want and did so again this year. I was happy to be successful in my hunt.

We went upstairs to have a bite to eat and then roamed around the upper floor of the mall. 

I saw a nice oufit down on the first floor as I leaned over the railing.Ray said let's go down and take a good look. We
 caught the elevator which was quite busy so we had to wait for another car to come.
The clothes in the shop were lovely so I bought a very nice jacket
two tops.

Then we went to IHOP and shared a vanilla milkshake. It has been decades since I had a milkshake.
When we got home I started work on my embroidery. That got interrupted several times for on reason or another. One
was Richard called and we had a nice long talk. I really enjoyed that. 

Then I made something for Ray and I to eat for dinner. It was salmon sandwiches. That takes a while as the black skin and the fat has to come off. Then I chopped up celery and onion , added that to the salmon and put in the mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Served it on brown bread with lettuce. It was delicious and was all we needed to eat tonight.

I got back to my embroidery. Something was wrong with this piece, the lines did not meet up and the different parts of the design were not as good as the HIS was. HERS was a disappointment. I'll have to ask Tom what the problem is. He is having a Christmas party tomorrow , I hope Ray will take me.


For those who love their teas and like to carry the favourites with them, a tea case.
A lovely mushroom mug rug and so easy to make.. Just make a slight oval and cut off one end , stick it on a stalk and Bob's your uncle as the English say.

One more mug rug from my collection....
Simple cupcake. If you have an embroidery machine there are many embroidered cupcakes on the net. I  have a lot of them, unused at the moment.

Our new calendar for 2014. All old fashioned homes that we love to look at. Twelve beautiful pictures are in this calendar.

Pretty stars and nine patches make a gorgeous quilt.

This is such a cute picture.

Time's up folks.
Have a great evening.
Good night!

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