a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cardiologist today

Download now as a pdf pattern

This is a nice airplane block. I had to make one once for a guild trade , looked all over and finally found the pattern in one of my own books. We had a good laugh over that.

I made this block for Jean.I liked it.

Block #10 of the Deli Geese Block Project.  They are all great for stash fabrics, fun to make, and free!

I don't know if I sent all the other blocks but I liked this one, Huckleberry Finn as it has fabrics in it that look like parts of flannel shirts.  It can stand alone without the other blocks.
You can click on Nickel Quilts or the url above Block #10 and if you hit previous at top left it will take you back to all the other blocks. Tom Sawyer #9 is also a great block. Have fun with them.

Today I had to make a return visit to the Cardiologist. Dr. Horne is retiring so it will be our last visit with him. Too bad I liked him a lot.
It was just a check up. My weight is the very same as it was last year at this time, Check /

There was a slight misdirection on my electrocardiogram from the heart attack Halloween night, but that was to be expected.He made some slight changes to my medications. And that was all. Good visit.
On the way home we went to the library and I picked up the latest Peter Robinson book from the fast reads which means I can only have it for one week. But that is not a problem for me.   I'll get started on it tonight.

We went into the mall for bread and Marg was there so we sat with her and then we drove her home after we had done a it of shopping for our dinner. I bought a meat pie. It was a tortiere so I am looking forward to eating it.  Out daughter in Quebec makes  tortieres for Christmas.    They are excellent.
I made the gravy from a package , first time doing that for me.  It was pretty good.  I enjoyed my dinner.

Once a long while ago I joined a group of Dear Janers. This is one of the blocks I made. It is called Granny Weaver. The group disbanded and I stopped making these blocks. I actually joined the group for the fun and not the quilt. I ran into these blocks the other day, maybe I'll make a wall hanging.

I also love to knit socks, here is a pair of socks with self striping yarn.
Most of the socks were made to order for friends. I personally don't like wearing them.Strange isn't it. I like knitting them though.

I bought these towels to do embroidery on them. And today I got my other towel HERS ready to embroider. I pressed it on the sticky stabilizer and added the clear stabilizer on the top of the towel so that the stitches won't sink into the nap on the towel. That done I hooked the hoop onto the machine . It is ready to sew. Not tonight but hopefully tomorrow.
Here it is 
Ah barely visible, just the faintest outline of the hoop. But ready, Happy day.

We have more whales on our coast right now, the humpbacks are back . A whale came up to a boat and gave them a great treat. Apparently there are also killer whales ( Orcas)  on the coast right now. What a wonderful place we live in.
Richard went to the ALS clinic today and his upper left arm is starting to show the effects of ALS. My poor boy, this is such a difficult trial for him . We hope against hope that the disease will slow or stop. It is not happening.  All we can do is give him support and love. It seems like so little.

We found one of these great lap desk tops. This one has a cup holder for coffee and a bendable lights to show up the paper if you are writing or reading.

Rose and Charlotte with Meaghan looking at a lovely children's story book. This was take one day when everybody was here at our house. A wonderful day for me.

It is just too,too tempting for a guy to resist.

The Princess is looking for a new crown, does this do the trick.

There that is all for tonight.
Have a lovely evening folks.
Good night.


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