a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

out all day

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Five Patch Frame. These Blocks of the Day need to be doubled as far as I am concerned. They are mostly 5.5 " , not very big but if you double the specs the block is a much better size. My humble opinion.

We had a busy day today. First we went to the pain clinic , it is called CHANGE Pain. Ray had a good going over for his shoulders and a couple of needles to help relieve the pain. We were there for a while and will go again next week on Wednesday so I don't have to miss my Tuesday quilting group. We feel it is worthwhile returning for the second session. Ray has Rheumatoid Arthritis in his shoulders and it is painful.  

Then we went to Metrotown so I could buy another towel to complete the HERS of my HIS and HERS Santa towel sets for Christmas.
I bought some more sets of towels to have on hand. I like to give them for hostess gifts when I go to a group  party at somebody's home. People seem to enjoy them.

We walked around the mall, I found a ring in rose gold that I loved but there is no way I can get it right now. Maybe I should sell my diamond ring. I'll ask Sam if he wants to buy it cheap. LOL.

I rarely see anything I want but today I found a purse, a wallet for our daughter Lynn with a frog on it and a little lap desk for my laptop. Wow!! I can't say I never find anything I want to buy.

We went to the pet shop because I love to see the puppies and kittens . No pictures though. Not this time.
I enjoyed the pets though. Ray doesn't want to train any animals and I sort of agree with him. It is hard to train and cat not to scratch your furniture and we don't care for hair on the furniture I guess we are too fussy. As for dogs how does one train them to wait to go outside. It is too long a trip for a puppy.  So no pets for the Boudreaus. I have to get my fix at the pet shop.

Baby Chihuahuas, kind of look like Rudolph with their red noses. Mommy looks at them with love.

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