a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Download now as a pdf pattern

Fanny's Favorite is the name of this block, can't imagine why haha.

Love the name Stitching and Bacon. Cute little trivots or perhaps coasters for the holiday season.

Last night Ray and I went to the Albion Christmas party. Albion is the company where Ray worked for 27 years. He retired at least 6 years ago. And the company has never forgotten him. It always asks us to the party and Ray is mentioned in the address by the general manager as one of the building blocks of Albion. That is so nice. 

Karen makes his day or night.

Karen. When I first saw her coming tp the table I said she reminded me of the women in on of the recent TV shows. She is so beautiful.

 We were with a few young  couples at table.  They were such a lot of fun , the food was good and we had a lovely time together.

Leanne and Mike are a fabulous couple.

The party was at the River Rock hotel and Casino . It was a great place to have a party. We had the car taken by the valet and parked so we did not have to do that. It was a luxury for us. 
Dinner was buffet style with turkey, beef, big shrimp, salmon, salads and desserts as the main components of the meal.
What an eye appealing salad.
 It was delicious. 

After dinner we chatted and then went down to the casino for a short time before we went home. 
We were really tired when we got home. I forgot to write my blog , just fell into bed and went to sleep. I had a great sleep though. 
All in all a good evening. 
We are most fortunate to get the annual invitation. 

Today we just went to Safeway to get some prescriptions. We sat down for a coffee and Mary was there. Mary was a student in my grade 3 class. So we talked and she asked about Sam who was in my school at that time. I told her Sam had his 38th birthday yesterday and she said she was 38 too. We had a nice chat about our grade three days. She was a delightful child and is a lovely woman. I remember her as a tall child, nearly my height and of course she is still tall. Who gets short anyway? LOL.

We came home and I did my facebook and e mail. 
Jean wrote and gave me instructions on how to fix my printer. She is good to me and I am happy with her advice. Thanks Jean.

I wanted to embroider today and did not.  Tomorrow? We meet Sam for lunch and Lynn comes to clean. I wonder if I can get at it tomorrow. Good luck Nan.  LOL.

Grey Cup Football final today. It looks as if Saskatchewan is going to win. They are far ahead of Hamilton. But then I have seen games change and at the last minute the other team comes in and wins. Right now we are watching the news so don't know how the game is going. 

Grandmothers Choice: Votes For Women: Leonie's Medallion

Grandmother's choice again and interesting things to read and to make.

The game has picked up some, the last I heard was 16 for Hamilton and 31 for Saskatchewan.  Saskatchewan won!!

Two blocks for the last two months of the year.  You may have to go backwards to find the other ten blocks. Good luck.

Taking his pet for a walk. 

Kittens are so precious , these two are beautiful. I love kittens this colour. 

Happy Anniversary to my dear friends in Arizona Gail and David Riker.  I hope your day went well.

That's it folks. I am ending this issue of my blog.
Have a great evening. 
Good night.

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