a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, November 30, 2013

talked to Mary

I just had a lovely talk with Mary.  She is expecting another baby and will have an ultrasound sometime before Christmas. That will show the baby but not the sex of the baby. We would like it to be a boy but of course we love all our babies no matter what sex. I had 5 boys and would have loved to have a girl but it was not to be. And in the end I was very proud of having 5 sons. They were and are fabulous.  Anyway we are excited about a new member of the family.

Rose with a Tim's doughnut on the nose.


A wonderful wool envelope to fill with dollars for the season and you get to fill them again next year if the envelopes are returned to you. They look to me as if you just cut them with pinking shears and sew the sides down,. But then I have not checked out the pattern. 

Charlotte and her dragon, I wonder if his name is Puff the magic dragon who lived by the sea.  Actually it is a stegasaurus.

Our day was good. After we did our grocery shopping, I was feeling unwell. This cartoon gives you a hint of my problem.

Hahaha. I took some Immodium and we went to a party. Nothing stops us. 

Crossing the bridge. to Tom's
We went to Tom's to the Christmas party. It was lovely to see everyone and to visit with Santa. Santa is Tom's dad. And he looks like Santa. Tom says when the go for walks in August yet, kids come up to him to tell him what they want for Christmas LOL.
All I bought were two cones of embroidery thread.

Here he is , the real thing.
Merry Christmas.

Block of the Day.   Flock of Birds.
Download now as a pdf pattern

On the way home we stopped off at Tim's to buy our coffee for the Tassimo machine and we had a cup of coffee and half a doughnut.
By this time I was quite exhausted and took to my bed when we got home, slept for an hour and a half. It was good. 
I got up and made us some dinner. Ray is in the kitchen cleaning it up now.
Ah such good friends in the wreath 

.Here is the link to pattern six of Debbie Mumm’s “Favorite Things Sampler”.  http://www.debbiemumm.com/Projects/QuiltBlocks/2013/

One of Debbie Mumm's favourite things.

Time to go folks.
Have a lovely evening.
Good night.

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