a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

where did my blog go

I thought I had begun my blog earlier in the day. I often start it during the day and finish it in the evening. But it doesn't seem to be anywhere I can locate it. Oh well I am always full of words, no lack there.
The real wordsmith in our family is Richard, he has quite a way with beautiful writing. I don't get much chance to read the writings of the other four sons although they can all write well. I think they got that talent from their dad  and that is not Ray since he is not their father. 

I spent the day mostly in bed still recovering from my bad cold so I am still in my night gown , no need to change for bed LOL.

My memory for what I have already written is somewhat fading. I have to check it out periodically. So if you read here something the I have already written please forgive me. After all I am 84 now and entitled to forget a bit.

I hope tomorrow is a better day and I can go out for a while. We like to go for lunch . 

It is still warm and dry tonight , although it rained a bit last night. There are so many bad forest fires in  Fort McMurray Alberta, the whole town is being evacuated. People are losing their homes. What a horror for those poor souls.
The pictures on TV are dreadful and show such awful video of the fires. 
When it is so dry like this I worry about living here in the city on the edge of the forest at the back of our place. I worried last year too. So when the day is cool like it is today I am grateful. I am not a fan of heat even so. 
I love the cool weather, cool but not cold.

I called Rick today but missed him and now I just missed Jim. I wanted to talk to Jim as he lives in Edmonton in the north of Alberta and wondered if he has been affected by the smoke from the fires. Everyone is out it seems.

I have a small quilt that needs finishing , I think I mentioned that yesterday but still have not gotten to it. Nancy, our granddaughter, asked for a quilt for her latest baby Eve. Honestly I must finish the one I have started. I seem to have lost interest in sewing at the moment . Better fix that.

So tonight is finished folks I have done writing. Have a great evening.

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