a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, May 23, 2016

another week.

Today is Monday and a holiday for Canadians. We celebrate the Queen's birthday. There is an old chant we used to sing. 24th of May
                                     The Queen's birthday
                                      If we don't get a holiday
                                      We'll all run away.

We do get the holiday , if not on the 24th then the closest Monday. But when you are retired it is all a holiday.
So Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth even though your actual birthday is in April.
It all started with Queen Victoria and the holiday for her birthday.
On my birthday only I celebrate LOL.

We stayed home today, oh look the print is different.I wrote the top part earlier, but it is legible so that's okay. I tend to write my blog throughout the day sometimes. Things happen and I don't want to forget what I want to say so I add items as the day wears on. It is early evening now and whatever I have to say this will be it for tonight.

Sad news from Quebec. A very fine lady we had met while in Quebec on one of our trips lost her life in a car accident. We are sorry for Noella and for her family. Such a waste of a fine woman. May she rest in peace.

Rick and I had a nice chat this afternoon. Catherine , his partner is going to Hong Kong for 25 days and that means Richard may be coming here for a short trip. I was hoping to get the chance to see him this summer. I had contemplated checking with Ray to see if he wants to go. We do not have to drive since we do have air miles and Calgary is a short trip. I would also like to see Jim if we go as he lives about 4 hours drive from Rick in Edmonton. I live in hope. And have I heard rumours that Adam may be coming up north from Louisiana. More hope!! That would all make for a wonderful summer.

There you go folks. All is well in Vancouverland. Have a lovely evening.

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