a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Did I miss writing my blog last night? Oh well I guess there was not much to write about .

Ray went to the doctor this morning, nothing serious just a visit. He came home around noon with two hamburgers and were they ever good. I could have eaten the both of them. He also brought cheese sticks from the bakery, also very good. We had a fine lunch. A hamburger is not something I eat very often, seldom is the case but I certainly enjoyed this one.  I think I'll have a hamburger more often. I can see the merit in that LOL.
I look at the title of this blog and wonder what is missing. I imagine it will come to me eventually. 
So far no idea what is missing but we did go to a condo meeting tonight. Sometimes I wonder why but mostly it is to keep up on what is happening in the building and to express  our own opinions if we feel the need.  There was nothing of any great consequence at the meeting as far as I could tell. Hope I did not miss anything. Oh well even if I did someone will let me know. You can always count on someone .We sat with my sister Marg, that was nice for me, we talked when there was a lull in the meeting. She walked home with some friends and we were driving  so we rode home.
When we got home we met the neighbour across the hall and he said he is buying that unit next week. Right now he is renting. Nice man and two nice kids , a boy and a girl. He will make a good neighbour.

As for the rest of the day I stayed home, Ray went out for a bit but I stayed home other than the meeting. I had a long afternoon nap. That was it, such a lazy day. Tomorrow we are meeting Bob and Buzz I hope. I did ask them but no confirmation as yet. So I am calling. No answer so they must be off somewhere.
And that is it for today/tonight.
Have a great evening.

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