a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Late again and I forgot to write earlier.  We watched A Clebration of Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday. She is a wonderful woman , I admire her very much. I remember when she and her sister Margaret Rose were children as I too was a child then. They were like movie stars in those days. There were books and colouring books about them.  I loved the two little princesses then. And I still admire the Queen very much. She is a perfect example of goodness to her country and the empire. To think she is that old but then I too am pretty old these days. Not quite 90 but pushing it LOL.

As for today Sunday We did very little, stayed in. I knitted a bit and played on the laptop. I did not nap today so I am a bit tired tonight and plan to go to bed after I finish the blog. Then I'll read for a bit, I did read a little this afternoon too, started a new book so it is calling to me from the bedroom where it is resting LOL.

I talked to my sister Margaret for a short while this afternoon. It is Sunday and she goes to church. Lots of things for her to talk about and for me to listen to. Church is full of activity and people and children , many stories in a church.

Tonight is quiet the only call is the one I made to Marg. I just laptopped, a new word I just coined, haha. And I ate chips, salt and vinegar. I love those chips even though they do make my lips peel. Even so I eat them with relish and suffer the consequences of peeling lips. By relish I mean enjoyment not the relish from the bottle used on hot dogs. 

And that is it for today folks have a great evening. Or morning when ever you read this.

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