a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Knitters thumb or knitter's thumb whichever works for you. What is knitter's thumb? It is a pain in your thumb joint caused by knitting and the only cure is to stop knitting until it gets better. That takes time and it comes back again. If anyone knows of a cure for this ailment will you please leave me a message or write me at nanb@shaw.ca

So I am not knitting, I'll need to get back to sewing and finish that quilt I started for Eve. It needs to travel  to Quebec. Or I can give my thumbs a rest for a while.

As for today we went out this morning to the eye doctor , he told Ray his eyes were better than last time and mine were good and then we had lunch .I had a Timmy's bacon and egger, it is actually a breakfast sandwich but it was close to lunch and that is what we wanted to eat. 
After lunch we came home. And both of us had a nap later in the afternoon. My life is so simple these days. I just told Ray I wanted to go on a trip but got no response. I'll mention it again tomorrow. LOL.  

I am worried once again about the forest at the back of us, not a big one but still it is hot and we have had no rain for some time . I fear for fire. But the good thing is we have great firefighters in town here and they will be able to protect us and our property. I just have to fret about it.

My nose won't stop running and I do not have a cold. I wonder what that is, allergy?

We are meeting Sam tomorrow for lunch and on Thursday we meet Bob and Buzz. Our social life is good!!!

That's my day folks. Time for supper which will be  a salmon sandwich.  MMM excellent.
Ray is an artist when it comes to setting up a plate. 

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Jean said...

Hummmmm . could that be what they call a ploughman's lunch ?