a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mrs Brown

Watching Mrs. Brown's Boy, it is so funny. Today the 2 gay men are talking about getting married. Lots of trouble over that one and Mrs Brown has a new microwave oven. Lots of fun as well as trouble LOL.

Ray has gone to the dentist this afternoon. He was apprehensive about it. Who isn't when they go to the dentist.  I wouldn't want to be a dentist , every one hates to see them coming. It doesn't matter how nice they are . 

I did not go out again today as I am still not feeling well at all with this cold. I didn't even go to my sewing Tuesday and not just because I feel awful but I would hate to pass this on to my friends. So it will be next week before I go again. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and Ray does not get this one.

I have been thinking about the finished design of my quilt for little Eve and I think I may have come up with the border idea. Maybe tomorrow I can start on it. The center is done and it is all hearts. I'll save the pictures until the top is done. Is anyone else doing any quilting these days? I like to have a project on the go.

Weather report:Another gorgeous day here, there have been many of them lately. However thankfully there was some rain last night. I love the rain. But these beautiful days are also a huge blessing.

Nothing exciting or new today I'm afraid. If I stay home for the day there is nothing to tell.

Have a great day folks. Good afternoon.

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