a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, May 26, 2016

No stopping1,237

There is no stopping Donald Trump now , he has the number of delegates he needs to become a candidate. 1,237 is the number that opens the door.
He can become the candidate for the Republican party. What now?

As for the nobody Boudreaus there is very little to say today. We did go out to Canadian Tire for a new coffee pot since we broke ours. Then we went to Costco and who knows what we bought there. So many items to capture your dollar , 119 of them. I have to ask Ray what we bought since he is the one who does the shopping. I bought 2 books, my usual items to buy. I need to have something in the pipe to read. There is no greater sorrow than to run out of books. Ray says we bought mostly paper products, we usually do buy them there. They are easy to store in the locker.  We alsohad a hot dog at Costco, they have very good hot dogs there , worth the trip.

I was kind of tired when we got home so lay down for a nap. Now we are watching the news. We did not make dinner , Ray was not hungry so I suspect he ate while I napped. No problem I made a salmon sandwich for me and one for Ray. He ate that. A salmon sandwich is a favourite of ours and sure hits the spot.

I just talked to Rick and he will be coming in from Calgary on the 14th of June. I am so looking forward to seeing him. He is such a courageous man. He has always loved to travel and ALS does not stop him. His son Ricky is doing the driving this time and Chris , his friend, is driving him back to Calgary. That is so wonderful. 
I plan to call Adam and see if the rumour he is coming up from Louisiana is real LOL.

So now it is evening here , watching the news and relaxing. No more to say so good evening to all.

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