a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, May 19, 2016

day of rest

Not totally resting as I did some sewing and then some unsewing. I am not ahead at all. First I added a border to my quilt and then the corners were not right so I had to take it all out. That finished me and I put it all away until tomorrow. I get put off when it goes wrong. So back to the sewing table for this piece. 

Ray is making supper tonight so I am waiting. We are having smokies and a potato. Sounds tasty to me. It was very tasty!!

He and Matthew are going to St. Paul's tomorrow. Matthew is taking Ray for a consultation , of what I don't know. . It is across town actually down town. I am grateful to Matthew for helping Ray. I will stay home and fix up my sewing.

We went out for a bit today, had lunch at McDonald's. I had Chicken McNuggets and fries. Tasty stuff even if it is not good for me. However I seldom have such goodies so I don't worry about it.

Then we just came home and rested and I did that bit o f sewing. I like to be alone when I am sewing. I can sew and make  mess if I want to. Ray does not like mess but he is good about my sewing and I always clean it up every time. 

I need to do a manicure tomorrow. My nails are starting to peel, well the polish is starting to peel and I so not like them to look bad. I really like my nails to look good. Fussy mussy I am.

And that is it tonight. Have a great evening.

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Anonymous said...

It's Saturday. No blog today??? Hope all is well.