a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

lovely day

Another beautiful day here in Vancouver, the weather has been spectacular lately. We are so fortunate to live here. I have lived in Vancouver since 1938 except for a ten year span in Victoria and 2 years in Halifax.  But I always come back home to Vancouver.

Huge condo fire in White Rock several miles away from us. I called Peter who lives there and he said they had not suffered from smoke issues. I was worried about that. Does a mother ever get over being a mommy. Peter is in his fifties and I am still fussing. Shame on me. I worry about all my kids and it never stops when something happens. But all is well. I worry about Richard the most because of his ALS.

Today Ray and I went out this morning and also had lunch out. Then we walked around the mall a bit for some exercise and some window shopping. I did not see anything I wanted . I seldom want anything these days. I wonder what happens when you get old. Been there, done that?

When we got home I did some more knitting and made one and a half dishcloths. It is the yarn that I love so many gorgeous colours.
I started knitting when I was young. My mom taught me how to knit. I did catch on easily. It was socks that I learned to do first and still knit socks 75 years later. Mom used to knit socks too for my brother . I like to knit them but have never worn them because I feel they are too thick for me. I like a thinner sock even in winter.
Still they are a nice item to knit and give away.

I found another top in my closet and wore it today, a pretty pink, lacy top. My closet is a veritable treasure of new tops LOL. Some fairy salts my closet with tops!! Nothing else though.

I think I'll take some pictures tonight of my cloths. Then I can show you the pretty colours.

Time is up folks, have a great evening.

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