a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, May 30, 2016

into hiding

Blog seems to go into hiding sometimes. But it can't escape eagle eye Boudreau for long. And here we are for another evening of fun and games LOL.

I talked to Bob and Buzz today and we are meeting for lunch on Friday. I am looking  forward to the visit. 

As for today we went to see Dr. Ward, one of Ray's many doctors. He is way down Broadway but that is fine as we always stop in at the White Spot when we go there. The visit was good and everything was okay with the last tests he took. We enjoyed our meal at the White Spot. I had poutine , a French Canadian dish for those of you who do not know of it. It is made up of French fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. It is delicious despite being very bad for you. However I rarely have it  in fact I have not had it before. Chips and gravy yeah but not with cheese curds. I threw caution to the winds. 

After that we went to Safeway to pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy, then we came home.  I had a very nice nap . Because we ate at the White Spot late in the afternoon we did not have dinner. I just had some toast and cheese for a snack.

That was it for the day, we watched TV and I computered. Life is good.

I definitely need to sew. It has been a while. Other than Tuesdays when I do only hand sewing I haven't done anything. My machine is covered in other things. It is not good .Tomorrow is Tuesday and I am going to Surrey with Pat. We are going to Diana's acreage for a big outdoor party. It is the annual summer party for our sewing group. The weather has been lovely so it will be great. Pat is picking me up close to ten and we will drive out to Surrey, close to White Rock. It is a lovely drive too. I am so looking forward to the day. 

and that's it for tonight........

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