a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Wow I did not realize it was so late, I usually write the blog earlier in the evening. 
Sometimes it is easy for me to forget about writing but I remembered tonight. Not that I have a lot readers but I want to keep the ones I have happy. 
There is a show on right now about sleep disorders. Apparently many people suffer from it. I used to when I was working. It seems your mind cannot stop thinking about work. At least that is how it was for me when I worked. Now that I am retired I do not have this problem. Thank goodness.
TV has sometimes good things to say. That is if you watch the TV.
We went out for lunch today to TOPS our favourite restaurant. Big meals , good food and a nice atmosphere. We had a toasted tomato and bacon sandwich which we shared and a salad as the side dish. We do not eat a lot any more, at least at one sitting so that is why we share our meal. The restaurant is very good about that , maybe because we go there often. I have gone there since 1975 when I was still working. We teachers would go there for lunch and I still go there as it is in my area.
It is another beautiful day here , similar it not the same as the previous gorgeous days we have had.  I love living here and always have ever since we moved here in 1938. We live in northern Manitoba before we moved here. That is where
Marg , brother Peter and I were born. Our dear brother Peter passed away a long time ago. He was still a young man but had a heart condition, blocked arteries before they had the skills to repair them. I had the same condition a few years later and  by then They could do an angioplasty. I had to go to Victoria though to get it done. But fortunately I had a dear friend who put me up for the time. She had the same condition and has unfortunately passed away some time ago. I still miss her, we had so much fun together.

Well I seem to be talking about sad things tonight, I'll stop now.
Good night!

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