a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

knit wit

I knitted today. Finished one dishcloth and almost finished the second one. It will be done tonight. So my pile is growing. It had been very depleted but now is coming back. I like to have a pile because I can give some away and have a reserve for us. They are great for dishes and facecloths too , all cotton yarn so nice and soft.
Today I made a pretty red cloth.

Today is Tuesday and my sewing day. Pat picked me up and we went for coffee at Oakridge. Then we headed off to our quilting group. I had nothing to sew so I knitted. Others were doing embroidery or hand piecing. It is a busy place when we all get together. I was knitting socks, still on the first of the pair. I don't know who to give them to this time. I like making socks. I do need to start on another quilt though so that I have something to work on on Tuesdays.

After I got home I did nothing here just played on my laptop. I did not even sew but as I said I did some knitting.  I think I would like to knit a child's sweater for one of my great grandchildren. I will need to look for a pattern. There used to be yarn shops but they seem to have all disappeared.  I think the fabric shop out in Surrey has yarn and patterns but mostly I have to go to Michael's which is close by. I'll check with Ray to see if we can go tomorrow after the doctor appointment. He said fine!! I just asked him. Why do I ask? Well I no longer drive and have to check with Ray first. He never says no. That would be trouble :>)

No more news here so have a great evening folks.

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