a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, July 22, 2016


Ray is happy. I just heard children yelling outside our window. Ray always says it is too quiet here and he wishes there were children playing and yelling and laughing on the street. So tonight there are. It is such a lovely sound. 

Another gorgeous day today. The sun is shining , the day is warm and the evening proposes to be soft and gentle. We live in a wonderful place, I have always been very happy to live here. I remember when I was young and we headed down to the beach on a day like today. Mom and dad would pack us up along with a lunch and off we would go on a Saturday. While we were there we would buy fish and chips, always a huge treat for my brother, sister and me. I loved those lazy summer days, swimming in the ocean , eating on the grass , drying off on the towel, it was such a wonderful time for us kids. Mom and dad seemed to like it too  as we went fairly often in the summer. I did not like the sunburns that we used to get though. I had fair skin that burned, so did my brother Peter but Margaret's skin tanned. Still we always had a great time.
Later as a teen I used to go to the beach with my friends or Peter and I would take Margaret to the beach. We went on the bus in those days. Always such fun. I loved those summer days when school was out and we were free to have fun.

I talked to Adam tonight and he wants to go to Cockney Kings for fish and chips this weekend, so the fish and chip trip is still on only in a different way.

And that is it for this gorgeous evening. Have a good one!!

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